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Volume 5

Volume Name Name Pages
A Study On Clustering Techniques For Big Data A.C.PriyaRanjani1, Dr.M.Sridhar2 Pages(1-9)
A Novel Approach in The Security Of Cloud Computing System Shaik Fayaz Pages(10-14)
Booster in High Dimensional Data Classification 1 P.Sudheer 2.P. Balakrishna Pages(15-18)
Key Generation Technique with Contributory Broadcast Encryption Using Anonymous Authentication 1Dr. G.Manojsomeswar 2S.S.N ANJANEYULU Pages(19-24)
An Enhanced Route Guide Frame Work For Spatial Data Search 1Dr. Ratna Raju Mukiri 2A.Nageswara rao Pages(25-29)
Impact Of Weather Condition On Agriculture At Specific Area 1Ratnam Dodda, 2G.Venugopal, 3R.V.S Naga Raju Pages(30-35)
Information Storage Using Cyanotype Concept 1Malyadri Mula, 2J V N Ramesh Pages(36-41)
Computational Model for user Verification 1Oguri Kiranmai 2Dr.SD.Khasim Pages(42-45)
Securing Cloud Services Based Trust Management 1P.V Naga Anjaneyulu 2S.S.N Anjaneyulu Pages(46-49)
Authentication of Ranking for Mobile Applications 1SK.Jareena Begum 2A.Nageswara rao Pages(50-52)
Manifold Ranking forContext based Image Retrieval Mechanism using Efficient 1CH.Rambabu 2M.Ankammarao Pages(53-57)
Distributed Data Verifiable Possession in Multi Cloud Environment 1SK.Sahera 2Md.Johnsaida Pages(58-61)
key Aggregate and Searchable Techniques for Secured Group Data 1SK.Salma begum 2SK.Masthanvali Pages(62-65)
Authentication of Ranking for Mobile Applications 1SK.Jareena Begum 2A.Nageswara rao Pages(50-52)
An A3P Access on Social Sharing Sites 1S.Geetha 2P.Sudeer Pages(66-68)
Maintaining Secrecy of Cloud Data using Regenerating Codes 1T.Ravi krishna 2SK.Fayaz Pages(69-72)
Secure Source Side Deduplication in cloud storage 1T.Monica lakshmi 2A.Nagarjuna Pages(73-77)
Multiple Ranking Scheme For Public Auditing and Retrieving Users Cloud Data 1V.Sreelekha 2J.Lakshmi Pages(78-81)
Secure Efficient Multicast and Distance Vector Routing Protocols For MANETs 1,Dr.M.Seetha, 2,Y.J.Sudha Rani Pages(82-86)
Advanced Best Keyword Cover Search 1M. NARESH , 2SKMASTANVALI Pages(87-91)
Image Encryption-Then-Compression System By Using Bilateral Filter Jammulamadaka Lakshmi Pages(92-97)
A Survey on Internet of Things (IoT) 1Prof. B. Satyanarayana Reddy, 2K. Kranthi Kumar, 3M. Ankamma Rao Pages(98-106)
Access of Audited Health Data-Cloud Mr. V. R. BOSE NALLAPATI Pages(107-110)
Extracting The Frequent Item Sets By Using Greedy Strategy Nagarjuna Gutta Pages(111-115)
Case Study On Challenges Issues In Visual Sensor Networks 1SEELAM SOWJANYA, 2P. G. V. SURESH KUMAR, 3RIESSOM W/GIORGIS Pages(116-122)
A Protected Scheme For Detecting Attribution Fake And Packet Loss Attacks In Wireless Sensor Networks Mummadi Sarada Pages(123-126)
A Survey on Various Penetration Testing Tools in Ethical Hacking 1PhaniKumar , 2S.N.V.D Daneswara Rao, 3MD.Sirajuddin Pages(127-130)
A Review on Caching Mechanisms for Data Availability and Performance in MANETS. 1Dr.P.Avinash, 2T.Venkateswarlu Pages(131-138)
Discovering Emerging Topics In Social Streams Via Link-Anomaly Detection 1D. RAM MOHAN REDDY 2MD.JOHNSAIDA Pages(139-143)
Progressive Duplicate Detection 1 S. AMARNATH BABU 2S.S.N ANJANEYULU Pages(144-151)
Cloud Data Storage with Secure Source Side Deduplication 1 V.SUJANBABU 2A.NAGESWARA RAO Pages(152-155)
Steganography Study for Colored Images 1Srikanth Busa, 2Dr. Syed Khasim Pages(156-162)
A Survey of New Developments in Video Summarization 1K. L. Sailaja, 2P. Ramesh Kumar Pages(163-167)
Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks 1K.ARUN, 2P.SUDHEER Pages(168-173)
Hybrid Coding Scheme for Image Compression Using DWT and Huffman Coding Dr. Sk.Jumlesha, J.Ramachandraiah Pages(174-178)
Lossless Image Compression Techniques 1Dr.D.Bujji Babu, 2K.Mounika Pages(179-186)
The Query Point Based Data Retrieval For Point Of Interest Pattern 1Dr.D.Bujji Babu, 2T.VEDA SAMHITHA Pages(187-194)
Comparison Of Ascorbic Acid level in fresh and tetra pack juice from orange: under different M.VAHINI REDDY , Dr.Mala Ranjan Pages(195-199)
Gall Bladder Stones; Proposed Home Remedies An Invitro Study Sreyoshee Sengupta , Manasa Mellacheruvu , K.Hima bindu Pages(200-207)
Extraction and characterization of pectin from orange during different stages of ripening. Dr. Mala Ranjan, Shariya Qaiser, Sumaiya Aslam ,Kirti Singh Pages(208-214)
Synergistic antioxidant property of ocimum tenuiflorum and piper nigrum Vilasagaram mounika , tejal patwari, janani jagdeesan, Tunk hamshika Pages(215-219)